Set Free Ranch

The Set Free ranch's are separated into
the Men's ranch and the Woman's ranch.
The Men and Women's ranch have two locations
in California including Set Free Lake Elsinore, Ca  and Phelan, Ca.
Other Set Free locations will provide you with the
appropriate information regarding their available facilities if you contact them.

There information can be found on
the contact page at the top of the browser.

The Ranch's are places where all are welcome
and accepted with open arm's and love. 
Biblical training is provided to equip the people
who visit our ranch's in order to live their lives
in the manner that God has called them to.
Everyone who is a part of our ranch's are involved
in regular daily Bible studies and are an active
part in bettering the surrounding community
through regular productive activities
that improve personal interaction with the public.
There are no qualifications for entering our ranch program
and there are no fee's included either.
A minimum of 60 days at the ranch is required
for completion of phase 1
of our discipleship program and those who are at the ranch
are asked to participate in the desire to serve God,
grounding themselves in the Word of God and drawing closer
to a personal relationship with Jesus.
If you know someone who need's help, please contact us.
We are here to serve you.

The ranch program is designed to assist individuals
struggling with substance abuse, physical abuse,
those who are direction-less and homeless. 
It also serves to allow individuals an opportunity
to separate themselves from their old lives
and begin to gain a new life in Jesus Christ
through the study of God's Word.
During Phase One residents are on a daily work
and Bible study Schedule as well as receiving
spiritual and Biblical counseling.
There is no expensive entry fee or waiting list
to receive the assistance of the ranch,
there will always be a place for immediate placement.